Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meet the Artists of Gallery Meraki - Carl Stoveland

This week leading up to the grand opening of Gallery Meraki we will do a series of posts introducing you to the artist / photographers at the gallery with some interview questions.  First up is photographer Carl Stoveland.

Gallery Meraki  - What is it about photography that made you choose it as your medium.  
Carl - I was hooked by the age of 4 sitting in my Dad’s darkroom watching the magic happen!  I knew then I wanted to do something with photography.

Gallery Meraki  -  What makes photography different from other artistic mediums.
Carl - I believe it is the same, but with different tools.  Its all about creativity and expressing an idea.  Photography gets a bit of a bad rep because the finished product is reproducible and inherently considered worth less than a painting.  I would argue that it takes just as much dedication and commitment to the photographic craft to become a true master as it  does for painters and sculptors.

Gallery Meraki  - You hear many in the art world proclaiming the 'death of photography is here' do you believe this and why?
Carl - Absolutely not.  In the short span of time photography has been around there has always been change and refinements.  The tools keep getting better and better.  Photography is available to more and more people and the completion keeps raising the bar.  I think that argument is made mostly by photographers not willing to make the leap from film to digital.

Next up the interview with Photographer, Julie Scholz.

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