Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interview with Carl Stoveland Continued

4 Days and counting until the Gallery Meraki opening!

More from the Gallery Meraki interview with Carl Stoveland.

Gallery Meraki: Who is your biggest inspiration as a photographer and why?

Carl: Early on I fell in love with the work of Ansel Adams.  Clich√© maybe, but there was real power in his images that has stood the test of time.

Gallery Meraki:  Do you ever see yourself working in film again?  When you shot film what size and type were your goto films.

Carl: I do from time to time or for certain projects should medium format B&W film.  One of the most satisfying sounds I know is the sound of the shutter on a medium format camera.  I was always a tri-X guy, but the current ilford B&W films are really good.

Gallery Meraki:  What alternate process or style would you like to spend time learning.

Carl: I love Dye Transfer prints.  My first job was making Dye Transfers with my Dad.  I’d love to do that again.  I am also a nut for infrared photography.  I shoot a lot of IR landscapes and architectural images.

Gallery Meraki: Color or B&W?

Carl: Depends on the day and my mood, but I do love B&W!

More interviews with the artists later this week.

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