Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meet the artist Interview with Julie Scholz

Next up in our interview series with the artist photographers of Gallery Meraki is Julie Scholz.

Gallery Meraki -  What is it about photography that made you choose it as your medium?

Julie Scholz - What appeals to me about photography is that it is about capturing a moment, seeing and feeling something and expressing that in the pictures you make. 

Gallery Meraki - Color or B&W?

Julie Scholz - When I was shooting with film, it was mostly B&W, I loved the process of being in the darkroom. Since digital, I've been seeing the world in color, I view the world around me as paintings waiting to happen.

Gallery Meraki -  When choosing a composition what is your process.

Julie Scholz - I like to compose in camera, imagining what the result would look like very large on someone's wall.

Gallery Meraki -  Do you preplan your shots if so how much planning?

Julie Scholz - I do not really pre plan my shots but if I've found a great location or subject I will return again and again if possible.

Meet the Julie, Mike and Carl in person at the Gallery Meraki grand opening bash on Saturday, September 27th from 7-9.

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  1. Congratulations on the opening of your gallery Julie. Wishing you continued success. I'm proud to have a small print your mom gave me.